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Twilight by Stephenie Meyers

What makes it powerful…?

The great things about this novel include its unpredictable plot, its vivid descriptions, and most importantly, its undeniable suspense. I’ll give a brief introduction to you on the beginning of this story. It starts out as a girl from Phoenix moves to a town which is very green with nature, but rarely gets sunlight as a result of the many trees. In this town, the girl, whose name is Isabella (usually referred to as Bella), finds life quit monotonous except for one little thing – her school. Read the book to find what makes her school or more specifically, her school life, so interesting. In this book, Isabella’s life extends far beyond the school, farther than any person could normally imagine.
The plot of this story is very enjoyable. One thing that I believe the author does is that she tries to keep the reader guessing what will happen next in a seemingly, unconscious way – a very interactive and great form of suspense. This happens with the readers, or at least this happened with me, even with short-term predictions and guesses. I guessed what was going to happen to the Isabella when a boy in her school came to meet her school for example. Some situations, like this one, are more predictable than others. One of the unpredictable situations I encountered was when Isabella was in a boy’s car. I wasn’t sure if anything was going to happen in the car. Another thing I would like to tell you is that this story can really bring out a person’s imagination in everyday human experiences since it is involved with many human interactions. One of the popular interactions that take place in this story is romantic ones; involving a male and a female. The author makes the story very interactive in this sense as the reader will usually understand very well what’s happening and how the characters feel.
The story Twilight is filled with suspense and mystery. Any person who has lived life will be able to relate to this story; as I have. If I were to rate this story, I would give it five stars, or an A rating. This piece of literature is an enjoyable tale that will keep readers hooked to it to the very end. Personally, this is an unforgettable story which I have had much pleasure reading in my free time. I hope others have pleasure reading this wonderful tale too; a book that will surely brighten any one’s life with better understanding of human emotions and a lot of fun.




The Hobbit isn’t a very enthusiastic book at first sight but as you go on with the story more background information and events create the story suspense and make it interesting. It lays out the story very surprisingly making you want to wait for each and every ending…that reminds me that it is very funny at times of the story and at other times you may feel that all is lost and nothing will prevail but that is the advantage of this book’s suspense. You will also be predicting a great deal; thus making you want to read to find out the outcome of an event. Though, suspense is not the only advantage, but also the amazing storyline that carries the story through. Tolkien has made a very nice “treasure trail” storyline.  Just an introduction to the story, the hobbit begins with a little human named Bilbo who is part of a race of animals called hobbits, as were are known as humans. One day a wizard name Gandalf comes to his home in spite of hearing that Bilbo is an expert thief (being a small human from the “Took” family). So then his journey begins with a group of dwarves anxious to acquire hidden wealth though having to fight through hungry creatures, avenging goblins, and more. People who would like “The Hobbit” or, in a more broad perspective, the “Lord of the Rings” series are for people who love adventure and danger stories. They are also for people who are entertained by medieval “Good and Evil” plots where the good faces many hardships though conquers them miraculously. I’d say if you were a teenager you’d enjoy this book but if you were an adult you wouldn’t be interested in fiction; thinking these books are pointless and will never have an impact on you life. Other than that “The Hobbit” was meant to be a pleasure to enjoy and for me it is the most remarkable book I’ve ever read.

Gandalf The Wizard Traveling


            The movie about Johnny Tremain was an excellent remake of the book though it is true that there were some differences/missed parts. Both the movie and the book did describe Johnny getting a crippled hand while making silver though the movie didn’t insist that Dove hand Johnny a cracked crucible but that Johnny had just accidentally poured it on himself if I’m not wrong. There is also the point that Cilla doesn’t have Issannah at her side at all! Cilla’s personality in my opinion is affected greatly not hanging around with Cilla as all she cares up about is insulting Johnny and caring for her self. So one thing I learned from the movie that I couldn’t have known just from reading the book was that character moods and behaviors change when less or more characters are involved in a story. The main storyline though were both the same in the book and the movie from Johnny working at the laphams as a silver smith all the way to the beginning battles of the revolutionary war. In general the movie is a satisfying portrait of the book other than the fact that it specifies more importance on certain parts!


Well in the reality you can’t have something like a net navi and technology will never extend that far but being in the future would be something awsome and worthwhile in my opinion especially the fun adventures!


One day I wake up in a world of the future where having net navi is possible. In this world I have future parents and friends who have P.E.T.S. These P.E.T.S are net navies who do whatever you want and are your close friends that you hang out with all the time. If you’re familiar with the T.V. show “Megaman Nt Warrior” then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Anyways the best part about these digital sidekicks is that you can battle with them against deadly viruses and evil beings. Soon there going to send this chip to public that lets you combine yourself with your net navi in the real world. It so cool I can’t believe it and I love the power and freeness of a Net Navi!



I am eager and wise

I wonder why I tell lies

I hear the call of the “lytes”

I see some revolutionary fights

I want to liberty, the real prize

I am eager and wise


I enjoy riding horses

I feel secretive towards my sources

I believe in a nation of freedom

I worry dove would still be dumb

I cry over my mom’s tries

I am eager and wise


I understand life is hard

I say “Keep trying”

I dream to be free flying

I try to cope with my stature

I hope for a better future

I am eager and wise

By: Nayef Qashou


            My morals are filled with joy and satisfaction at the sight of my beloved country [America]! Though there have been many hardships that are solid in mind to this very day. My two oldest sons’ have died during the war period from a ruthless redcoat general. In my point of view though is not to fight war for honor but to fight for your beliefs. While traveling through the Virginian forests with my fellow militia I applied this to the guerrilla techniques I used to gradually wear down the Redcoat roamers. My destiny towards the end of the war was that my family would live a happy, peaceful life without those damn redcoats interfering; making my family suffer painful hardships physically and mentally. The rest of my family is having a joyful time in our independent country and I believe that if my two sons were here they would be enjoying life with us too! Though my children enjoy freedom I take life as seriously as possible in grief as I remember the death of my sons. So has liberty made up for my depressing losses of life? Probably my answer would be yes as I going to risk my life for my children’s future and my son’s bravely fought to risk their life for something greater than their own gain! For they fought for someone else’s gain and that was America; the new world of a new beginning were people live with peace and freedom. If it wasn’t for my two brave sons I probably would have never been part of this revolution thus losing the war with many lost lives. *Begins to cry* I am so proud of them [my sons] as only wish they were here right besides me to experience these glorious times of freedom and liberty!


Writing as Mel Gibson himself describing the outcome of his life in the Revolutionary war.


Victory For Liberty!

           America has finally been hatched from its egg as it has been hibernating for a long time! Now that the victory has gone to the colonies America can make its way to become a true independent country. Though many of you have been dying to ask the question of how did the colonies overcome the powerful army of the British? There are many people that had a hand in the war which are unknown to you. The most pressing part of the war was the ultimate defeat against the British in which George Washington’s well trained continental army of 16,000 patriots wore down the largest British army in America in the “Battle of Yorktown”. George Washington took the city of Yorktown, Virginia under siege for a long time before British general Cornwallis surrendered. The war had almost completely come to the end in America’s favor. So finally John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and other delegates began peace negotiations which would be approved to 2 years after the “Battle of Yorktown.” Thus in 1783 the Treaty of Paris finally came to the conclusion that America is an Independent country. The treaty of Paris entitles the United States to extend its border all the way to the great lakes or 31 degrees north latitude and it allowed the Americans to have the right to trade with people west of their border. After many lives have been lost America has accomplished its long time destiny: Liberty!


This picture shows how the creation of the Declaration Of Independence took many versions and unsuccessful tries and there was just a bunch of garbage on the floor as Thomas Jefferson with his neighboring delegates disapproved of different versions of the Declaration Of Independence. What A Mess!


Exclusive Advice-Lyte Survivor


Dear Sam Adams,


Before I stress you I want to congratulate you on your actions with the sons of liberty to rebel against Great Brittan. A tragic incident occurred while I was working on a sugar bowl for John Hancock and though it was Sabbath day I had to get the job as though I was determined and had never failed before. So as anyone of would have thought god sent down this terrible punishment that has left me in this useless condition. Now that I have a burned hand there are so limited things that I can work for and even less as owners don’t want a boy with a burned hand working for them. It really makes me miserable to see all my friends now loathe me in spite of this event. Sam Adams may you please consider some way for me to live an easier and more pleasurable life that I will make a living in without becoming some street urchin?



                                                                                                Johnny Tremain


Advice By The Depressed Lyte:

  1. Make sure you read the bible and do not turn away from god’s words.
  2. Being proud is acceptable but keep it to your self for people may avenge you!
  3. We all should be grateful that we are still alive and not to be too joyful about life.
  4. If you have unique talent in a skill you know there are always better opportunities in life in this enormous world.